Create PSTs for Large Exchange 2003 Mailboxes

  • A great tool for migration to Exchange 2010
  • Overcome 2 GB PST limit
  • Create multiple PSTs for large mailboxes
  • Exmerge will not create PST for 2 GB or larger mailbox

An excellent tool for migration to Exchange 2010.It is affordable and easy to use.


Exchange Administrators who have used ExMerge in the past with older Exchange Servers should know that this flexible tool for generating PST files is no longer supported by Microsoft in Exchange 2010. Exchange 2003 Mailbox to PST replaces and improves upon ExMerge. It allows you to easily Import and Export PST files from Exchange 2010 Server Mailboxes in just two simple steps with an easy to use graphical interface, rather than using Powershell commands like export-mailbox,import-mailbox, New-Mailboximportrequest and New-Mailboxexportrequest. Exchange administrators can easily use Exchange 2003 Mailbox to PST to export Exchange 2010 Server mailboxes to PSTs. See Screenshots and Demo to learn how easy it is to import and export PSTs and download a free 15 day trial to test it out yourself.

Exchange 2003 Mailbox to PST is an affordable, easy to install and use tool for all Exchange 2010 Administrators. This tool provides an easier and faster way to Import and Export of PST files from Exchange 2010 Mailboxes without having to learn complicated PowerShell commands. With an easy to use Graphical User Interface, install the software on the Exchange 2010 Server where the mailboxes are located, select the Mailboxes for which PST files need to be imported or exported and let the tool do the rest of the job for you. Please watch the Demo Video and learn how this tool works.

The Value of PST Files

PST files provide the most convenient, reliable, and fastest way to recover mailbox items such as emails, contacts and calender events. PST files can be imported back into the Exchange Servers or attached directly to Outlook on a desktop. After a server crash, PST files can be a life-saver for IT Administrators. These are some of the uses of PST files created from an Exchange Server include:

  • PST files provides access to previous mailbox items even when Exchange is down.
  • PST files are easy to restore and provide flexible restoration options
  • Attach PST directly to Outlook PST files to allow a bloated mailbox size to be reduced without loss of older items
  • PST files can be used for for importing mailboxes into a new Exchange server
  • PST files provide the most convenient backup of individual mailbox items