Create PSTs for Large Exchange 2003 Mailboxes

  • A great tool for migration to Exchange 2010
  • Overcome 2 GB PST limit
  • Create multiple PSTs for large mailboxes
  • Exmerge will not create PST for 2 GB or larger mailbox

An excellent tool for migration to Exchange 2010.It is affordable and easy to use.


Q. What are the system requirements?

A. You must have Exchange 2003 Standard or Enterprise Server

Q. What Permissions are required?

A. The logged in user running Exchange Mailbox to PST must be a member of Administrators and Domain Admins.

Q. I am getting 32k PST files

A. Make sure Mailbox Storage has Domain Admins listed with full control permission. Having Administrator full control permission is not enough

Q. Can I have any name for PST files?

A. PST file name should not contain any spaces or special characters

Q. What is trial version?

A. Trial version allows import or Export of 5 mailboxes. In application interface there is an option to extend the trial for 5 more mailboxes