Create PSTs for Large Exchange 2003 Mailboxes

  • A great tool for migration to Exchange 2010
  • Overcome 2 GB PST limit
  • Create multiple PSTs for large mailboxes
  • Exmerge will not create PST for 2 GB or larger mailbox

An excellent tool for migration to Exchange 2010.It is affordable and easy to use.

Overcome Exmerge limit of 2 GB. Export large mailboxes to PSTs

Exchange Server administrators can use this simple and effective time saving tool to export large mailboxes on exchange 2003 to PSTs. For mailboxes larger than 2 GB, our software will create multiple PSTs. Administrators can also use this tool to migrate from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010. Watch a short video demo of how this tool works or download trial version or click here to purchase

How Exchange2003MailBoxtoPST works

Run Exchange 2003 Mailbox to PST on the Exchange 2003 Server. Select Users, Date, Size and Attachments . For mailboxes large than 2 GB, It will create multiple PSTs for each user.
  • Run the Tool on Exchange Server
  • Select Users
  • Select Options for Date, Size, and Attachments options

Reasons to Export Mailbox Data

There are many reasons why you would like to export mailbox data:

  • Satisfy compliance requirements: You can export mailbox content to a .pst file for legal discovery purposes. After the export is complete, you can import the content to a mailbox used specifically for compliance purposes.

  • Create a point-in-time snapshot of a mailbox: By creating a snapshot of specific mailboxes, you avoid having to retain an entire backup set for a mailbox database.

  • Move a user's .pst file into his or her mailbox or personal archive: Microsoft Outlook users can save their e-mail locally as .pst files

The Value of Creating PST Files from Mailboxes

PST files provide the most convenient, reliable, and fastest way to recover mailbox items such as emails, contacts, calendar events for any mailbox. PST files can be imported back into the Exchange Servers or attached directly to the Outlook on a desktop. After a server crash and moving to a new Exchange server, having PST files available for import can be a life saver for the Administrator. These are some of the uses of the PST files created from an Exchange Server:

PST files provides access to previous mailbox items even when Exchange is down PST files are easier and more flexible to restore, attach PST directly to Outlooks PST files allow a bloated mailbox size to be reduced without loss of older items PST files can be used for importing mailboxes into a new Exchange server. PST files provide most convenient backup of individual mailbox items.